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Ceramaret components for fluid-handling applications

At Ceramaret, each project is analyzed by a team of experienced technicians who will carefully examine your needs. A solution will then be proposed, often consisting of several stages, whether it be for your prototypes, pre-series, or series production.
Components for precision pumps and dosing devices such as pistons, valves, pivots, and check valves require a high degree of accuracy. Ceramaret excels in this domain, regardless of the hard materials used.

In the analytical systems sector, Ceramaret has provided components of various ultra-hard materials, chemically inert, and resistant to the harshest solvents.
Ceramaret's high precision technical ceramic components improve the quality and durability of your products.

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Ceramaret - Rotor Stator 2

Rotors and Stators

High-quality ceramic rotors and stators (aluminum oxide Al2O3 99.9%, 99.7% and 96% and zirconia ZrO2) are present in low and high pressure injection valves. These components are equally vital in any other switching valve systems where inert materials resistant to the harshest solvents are required.

Rotors and Stators catalog

Ceramaret - High precision check-valves 2


An instrumentation ball valve may be installed as is or encapsulated in a cartridge offering superior leak tightness and ease of handling. Ceramaret has developed many different cartridge types, some of a generic nature for common applications, others of a customized nature to meet specific client requirements.
 Ball & Seats and Cartridges catalog

Ceramaret - High precision check-valves 2

Ball valves

Ball-type check valves are essential to the proper functioning of HPLC pumps, flow meters, homogenizer systems, and other pipettes. The tightness performance of the ball valve guarantees the quality and precision of the instruments into which they are installed. The materials selected for manufacturing the valves depend on the specific application. Material combinations for the valve's seat and ball can be chosen in accordance with the requirements, from the following materials : zirconia, alumina, sapphire, and ruby. These materials are inert and resistant to the harshest solvents.
 Ball & Seats and Cartridges catalog

HPLC Pistons Saphire Zirconia Alumina


Sapphire or ceramic pistons (aluminum oxide Al2O3 and zirconia ZrO2) are essential parts for precision HPLC and U-HPLC pumps and dosing devices. The extreme hardness of the materials used in their manufacture, combined with quality component geometry and exceptional finishes, give HPLC pumps unmatched performance and durability. The selected materials are inert and resistant to the harshest solvents.

Pistons and Shafts catalog


Ceramic piston & cylinder sets

After very high-precision geometric and dimensional machining process, piston & cylinder sets are matched in order to achieve strict ceramic sealing requirements. This type of pump is used in the precision dispensing sector as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.