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Company policy:
at ceramaret, our clients come first

With the goal of improving everyone's quality of life, and in using innovation to contribute significantly to this goal, Ceramaret wishes to develop the company and safeguard its future in the long term, whilst respecting the environment and the applicable requirements.

Through actively listening to our customers and our markets, we can identify their expectations and constantly adapt to meet these. As a result, we can develop an active partnership with our co-workers and our customers, along with our suppliers, the public authorities and other parties involved in our business.

Our success depends primarily on the skills of our employees and on resources which are in line with best practice. We are able to ensure customer satisfaction primarily thanks to our mastery of the manufacturing processes, and thanks to the performance, development and effective collaboration of our colleagues. People are therefore central to our concerns and we offer optimal working conditions which protect everyone's physical and mental health.

The key points of our policy can be summarised as follows: 

  • To be constantly attuned to our customers, in an approach that combines rigour and flexibility,
  • To ensure company growth by deepening our existing markets and opening up to opportunities,
  • To direct our development so as to reduce our dependence on a specific market or customer,
  • To overcome the challenges identified by developing, producing and offering innovative solutions,
  • To improve our performance by fostering technical and operational excellence through an approach which promotes learning and cooperation,
  • To cultivate effective organisation and communication to ensure that the company runs smoothly,
  • To generate a profit, year on year, that guarantees the independence, long-term development and sustainability of our activities.

The Management will communicate this policy to all employees and guarantee its implementation.

This policy is available to the public on our website.

Revised in Bôle, 23 November 2023
Translated from : "DOC001, Proc. Management - Politique Révision 3.pdf"

To be able to do this, we call upon the expertise of our employees and state-of-the-art production techniques. ISO certifications 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 13485, coupled with our continuous improvement policy, guarantee our success.

Through our policy of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and in particular those related to both the environment and employee health and safety, Ceramaret intends to secure its future growth.