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Ceramaret components for watchmaking

Ceramaret is very active in the watchmaking sector, specifically in the manufacture of ruby pallets and ellipses. Ceramaret also produces custom ceramic jewel bearings (alumina or zirconia). As for the exterior, we are eager to meet your requirements for small precision ceramic parts beautiful in appearance (crowns, caps, etc.).

At Ceramaret, each project is analyzed by a team of experienced technicians who will carefully examine your needs. A solution will then be proposed, often consisting of several stages, whether it be for your prototypes, pre-series, or series production.
Watchmaking ruby pallet

The pallet provides precision and guarantees the durability of the regulator

The pallet is made according to client specifications from high purity ruby, with requirements for dimensional precision in the micron range. Precise machining of the impulsion angle combined with exceptional surface finishing on the contact surfaces provide the regulator of mechanical watch movement the precision and durability required by the luxury watchmaking industry.

Ceramaret manufactures a high volume of pallets and has acquired considerable experience in the field. In addition, our experience and know-how in the polishing of hard materials enable us to obtain unmatched surface finishes on these ruby components.

Ceramaret has also developed the techniques and tools required for medium-sized pallet production runs at very competitive prices. 

Impulse pins

High-precision ruby components, semi-circular or half-moon shaped, whose precision and surface finishes are critical.

While Ceramaret mass produces impulse pins, it can also meet the needs of watch manufacturers for medium and small production runs.

Small precision ceramic parts for Watch


Various exterior watchmaking components

Various exterior watchmaking components in black or white zirconia requiring an irreproachable surface finish and visual aspect.

Watch cases

Watch cases in advanced ceramic




Push buttons