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  • Engineering excellence in the production of technical ceramics

    by admin essence | Jul 13, 2023
    From machining to grinding to additive manufacturing, the production of technical ceramic parts is a complex process, whether they are destined for the watchmaking or medical sectors. This unique knowledge, developed over more than a century at Ceramaret, requires the expertise of different teams.
  • Ceramics are becoming strategic components for innovative medical devices

    by admin essence | Aug 24, 2022
    Over the last decade, the technological progression of implantable medical devices has been extraordinary. Implantable electrical devices such as pacemakers, cardiovascular defibrillators, implantable multichannel neuromuscular stimulators and cochlear implants have become widely accepted and used.
  • CERAMARET GMBH - Rapid development for the Meissen site within the Ceramaret Group

    by admin essence | Dec 10, 2021
    Ceramaret GmbH (formerly MicroCeram GmbH), based in Meissen, Germany, has been active for over 20 years in the manufacture of innovative technical ceramics in growth markets.
  • Ceramic dental implants – 4 great reasons to choose Ceramaret

    by admin essence | Jul 20, 2021
    Recommended by many dentists and preferred by patients, ceramic dental implants offer much better cytotoxicological, histological and biochemical properties than those made from titanium.
  • The many benefits and possible applications of silicon nitride

    by admin essence | May 20, 2021
    High strength and hardness, excellent thermal stability, good corrosion resistance and low density: this unique combination of properties makes silicon nitride (Si3N4) the ideal material for numerous industrial applications across divers sectors such as automotive, electronics and biomedical.