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Engineering excellence in the production of technical ceramics

by admin essence | Jul 13, 2023

From machining to grinding to additive manufacturing, the production of technical ceramic parts is a complex process, whether they are destined for the watchmaking or medical sectors. This unique knowledge, developed over more than a century at Ceramaret, requires the expertise of different teams. That is why we make it a matter of principle to provide as many skills as possible in-house to reduce manufacturing lead times. This enables us to guarantee quick delivery of prototypes to our customers for a short time-to-market.

Customized support for high-precision projects

Comprendre les besoins client

Understanding customer needs

To help our customers produce ceramic parts that meet their needs as closely as possible, it is first necessary to understand their expectations. The design of a medical device or any other high-precision ceramic part requires the involvement of our engineers right from the start of the project in order to fully understand the final application of the part to be produced, its technical specifications, and production constraints (design for manufacturing).

At Ceramaret, we know how crucial time-to-market is if we are to benefit from our pioneering status in the creation of ceramic products and seize opportunities for growth. That's why our engineering teams work from the outset with the constraint of bringing products to market within a short timeframe.

Reducing and anticipating risks

As in any industry producing high-precision parts, anticipating risks is a key factor in minimizing the time lost in design, prototyping, and large-scale production. To reduce these risks during tool design, Ceramaret uses process simulation. This halves the number of iterations required to design a part in technical ceramics, for both existing products and new projects.

Facilities dedicated to technical ceramics

Une équipe experte

An expert team

For over a century, Ceramaret's unique know-how in the design and manufacture of tooling has grown steadily to reach an unparalleled level of expertise. In addition to single- and double-acting press-forming molds, our engineers have perfect mastery of ceramic injection molding (CIM), which is deployed according to the shape and complexity of the parts to be produced.

L’art et la passion de la céramique technique

The art and passion of technical ceramics in a single workshop

Always seeking to innovate and diversify its offering, Ceramaret is always investing in renewing the machinery in its in-house mechanical workshop. This means that our engineers have access to the latest generation of machines, particularly for EDM.

Our staff also take care of the fine-tuning and regular maintenance of all these facilities. Keeping skills and know-how in-house halves the time needed to manufacture tooling for final production.

Our agility with technical ceramics

Une solution à chaque demande

A solution for every need

To meet a wide range of requirements, the creation of components in technical ceramics sometimes calls for the deployment of specific production resources. High output, large quantities, and extreme precision are all criteria that our process development team takes pride in meeting for each and every request. This is possible thanks to our proven know-how in the design of production tools for ceramic parts.

Une rapidité de développement hors norme 2

Outstanding development speed

Rapid prototyping, the ability to deliver prototypes of technical ceramics very quickly, is made possible by a development team that has mastered the full range of production techniques offered by Ceramaret. Whether machining, grinding, additive manufacturing (3D printing), or injection mold prototyping, these processes enable customers to obtain most ceramic parts in as little as 15 working days, depending on the complexity of the design.

Ultimately, the technical expertise of the various Ceramaret teams makes it possible to reduce production costs in many areas, insofar as specific requirements allow. Only with an in-depth study in advance of a project is it possible to quickly determine its feasibility under the best possible conditions.

Proficiency supporting numerous industries

Compliance with the most stringent standards

When it comes to technical ceramics, there are always industrial solutions at Ceramaret, whether for the aerospace, automotive, medical, or watchmaking industries. An industrialization group ensures that manufacturing processes are validated and comply with current standards throughout the services we provide, whatever the customer's specific needs. A guarantee of absolute quality. Our own processes meet ISO 13485 standards.

Perfectly adapted methods and monitoring tools

Life circle management

Guaranteeing the product life cycle

We do more than simply design and produce ceramic components with extraordinary properties. We embrace the entire value chain for our customers.

Because traceability is essential to controlling a product's life cycle, all our products are managed by PLM (product life cycle management) software. This enables us to trace the life cycle of ceramic prototypes through pre-production to series production.

Support for our customers along the technical ceramics value chain

Thanks to its global technical experience and the unique properties of the materials it uses, Ceramaret can help you design high-precision ceramic parts. Our active involvement in the initial stages of the production of your ceramic parts guarantees suitable solutions at a competitive price. The design of specific tooling for the various stages of the manufacturing process is controlled in-house.

Ceramics science and information with ceramaret

Dispositifs médicaux

What are technical ceramics?

Ceramic is an inert, solid material that withstands high temperatures. These properties, which can be modified according to its chemical composition and heat treatment, mean that it is frequently used in industrial applications requiring heat resistance. It can also be grooved or perforated to improve its performance in air and water, making it particularly useful for equipment subjected to extreme weather conditions.

For medical applications such as long-term implantable devices, technical ceramics are made from alumina-reinforced zirconia, and offer exceptional resistance and hydrothermal stability.

Technical ceramics are therefore used in a variety of applications where a combination of unique properties is required.

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Do you have a project?

Do you need to produce ceramic parts? Ask our specialists for advice. Involved right from the design phase and drawing on in-depth technical experience, we help you choose the right material and design robust, reliable, safe products with outstanding properties.

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